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Consul General Mme. LU Xu's remarks at the Online Celebration of the Chinese National Day & the Mid-Autumn Festival


Families and friends, good evening!

Very happy to say hi to all of you through the camera. Today’s celebration is done like none before it when we met face to face. Thanks to the advanced technology we enjoy today, we have been able to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in this way.

The COVID-19 outbreak was unprecedented and it has changed many things that we are used to. However, when I looked around, besides ups and downs, I saw many Chinese and Canadian families strong and resilient with the spirit of solidarity. It gives me the confidence and energy to carry my duty and move on.

Due to the timely and effective measures taken, the pandemic has been relatively contained in both China and Canada. At the early stages of the outbreak, the mutual support given by China and Canada to each other has pointed a right direction for peer countries to follow.

What we have gone through in this half a year makes me realize, as ever before, how deeply and closely we are connected. We share a common destiny no matter where we are from. No one can stand alone and be immuned to the virus that challenges us all. What we need most is to pull together in times of trouble, and there is no room for stigmatizing, discriminating, and buck-passing. For a better future, we must understand it’s mandatory rather than optional for us to seek our commons while tolerating our contraries.

Nothing is more important for the governments to lift their people out of the pandemic quickly and bring their lives back in order as China did. As the “new normal” means to live with the virus for long days, China is ready to revive its economy while addressing crises and challenges ahead. China will remain committed to the global development, the international order, and the world peace, and keep on embracing this world that is not perfect.

Last but not least, I wish the event successful and all of you a wonderful evening.

Happy Moon Festival!

Thank you.



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