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Remarks at the Concert and Reception in celebration of the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

Good evening! Welcome to join us in celebrating the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The forthcoming concert, brought by erhu master GUO Gan, together with local musicians Jessica Yuen and her friends, will lead us to a unique experience, when a 1000-year-old Chinese musical instrument comes across western piano or guitar. The theme of this very concert, therefore, is called fusion, or in other words, integration.

Integration can be found everywhere in our lives.

Integration is the secret of civilization longevity. It has helped to shape today's thriving Canadian culture, like the colorful gemstone of the Rockies. Similarly, the Chinese civilization, with its richness and broadness, has grown out of interactions with the rest of the world. Over 2000 years ago, through the Silk Road, China closely articulated civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, and India. Now, China is building upon the history through the Belt and Road Initiative, to invite different civilizations to flourish together once again.

Integration is the driving force of social progress. In 69 years, especially in 40 years of reform and opening-up, China gradually transformed itself into an open, progressive and prosperous country by hard working. It has taken active roles in the global economic and trade systems, and in turn, radiating to the world economic recovery. It shares the same value as Canada on free trade and world order, and expects to take bigger paces to mingle with Canada in business sectors. As a big fan of Albertan beef, I do wish to see more of them served on Chinese tables, blending into the Chinese cuisine and generating sparkles on the tip of the tongue.

Integration is the right path to a better world. As trade wars and tariff threats are prevailing, it is time to think about where we should go next. China has given its answer by standing for building a new type of international relationship, featuring win-win cooperation and a shared destiny for all. A better future can only be promised through integration rather than isolation and zero-sum.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to master Guo Gan and all other artists, we will be able to enjoy the fusion type of music in a moment. At least they save us air tickets to go to China or Paris for the performance. The melody of fusion definitely sounds more appealing than the noise of quarreling. Let's forget about NAFTA or Trans Mountain, relax and fuse into the masterpieces.

Thank you very much and wish you a great evening.

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